New concept: Yémayà

 dea della fertilatà

An exceptional ecologic slow farm lodge that connects.
to inspire yourself and others


Harnessing your 'born' talent at Yémayà

In our society we are often stuck in our “educated” talent. An “educated” talent is something we learned to do, often we think we must because of the social pressure. There is nothing wrong with an “educated” talent, but it does not bring you the satisfaction and pleasure you need to find infinite happiness.

Yémayà is a place where people can re-find and develop their “born” talent. A “born” talent is something you do almost automatically and gives you energy and joy. I belief that when you can find, grow, and share your “born” talent it will bring you infinite happiness!

Empowering your 'born' talent: Yémayà's toolset and community

Yémayà provides a certain toolset which can be used to search, develop and share your “born” talent. The yémayist is actively involved in creating a community that supports each other quest. And making Yémayà into a caring place where they can share passionately their “born” talent.

Nature and mother earth instinctively empowers our “born” talent and is used as base for Yémayà. That’s why Yémayà will be in balance with nature, meaning that everything we do is based on an ecological cycle.

The elemental source of Yémayà: nurturing growth and connection

The source of Yémaya are 5 elements and everything is a translation of one of those elements. This way every person in Yémayà can identify him/herself with an element which needs attention and enable this person to grow and be an active part of Yémayà.


Fertility, it is a source of life. Reflects in Yémaya the farm, the home grown products like wine, olive oil, honey, flowers, etc. All products are needed in Yémayà and are a source to another element. This element has a strong ecologic impact of use of resources and therefore a strong connection to the element EARTH. But also strongly connected to FIRE because it needs passion and energy.


Talent, it is a source of creativity. Reflects in Yémayà the workshops like cooking, making wine, making soap, yoga, etc. It is growing your talent. The products are a resource of the element EARTH. But it takes insight and knowledge (METAL) to grow.


Passion of doing. Reflects in Yémayà the action of being involved. Doing something with passion will give you clear insights (METAL). But is takes wisdom (WATER) to find your passion.


Is the connection between all elements and is reflected in Yémayà as the land and the building. It is a product of the creation (WOOD) and a place to share your wisdom (WATER). But it needs to be maintained to keep it fertile.


Is sharing your insights. It feeds the creativity of you and others (WOOD). But is need passion and commitment (FIRE).

The name Yémayà

Yémayà = Yey Omo Eja = Mother whose children are fish

This represents the vastness of her motherhood, her fecundity, and her reign over all living things.

She has her origin at the Yoruba tribe in West Africa. She is an Orisha, a spirit sent by a higher divinity as guidance for all creation and of humanity, in how to live and be successful on Ayé (EARTH). But is also known in South America because of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, where she is the Queen of the Ocean, the patron spirit of the fishermen and the survivors of shipwrecks, the feminine principle of creation, and the spirit of moonlight.

She is often syncretized with Virgin Mary or the Virgin of Regla (black virgin) of the Catholic Church. Yémayà is motherly and strongly protective, and cares deeply for all her children, comforting them and cleansing them of sorrow. According to myth, when her waters broke, it caused a great flood creating rivers and streams and the first mortal humans were created from her womb.

Yémayà: embodiment of light blue serenity and divine fertility

Colors: light blue and crystal

Ritual garment color: light blue

Ritual jewelry or necklace: crystalline beads

Symbols: shells, sea stones

Sacred objects: porcelain, white jars or metal, fruits and earthen basins

Offers: white roses

Saturday is the consecrated day of Yémayà

She is seen as the Goddess of Humanity and Goddess of Fertility.